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I've been called The Crow Lady many times, and with good reason.  One of my greatest pleasures is to watch and learn from them. One morning as I was feeding “my” crows, sitting on the front porch stoop being present with them, the one who I call “Fearless Fred” walked up my long front walk, stood about 8 feet away, and looked me in the eye for a few heart stopping moments. As we connected, Brother Crow told me that I should begin a blog to share the wisdom I receive from my observations. And so my work of love between crow and human begins.


I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with my corvid family, and the lessons from my beautiful, intelligent, and amazing crows assist you in some capacity on your life’s journey. Perhaps you, too, may become connected to these marvelous and beautiful beings.


Blessed Be and Namaste



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Nature's Clean Up Crew

Posted on August 12, 2016 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (374)

Corvids (crows, ravens, and blue jays) and vultures have a specific job in nature. When driving down the road and seeing roadkill, typically there are one or more corvids there making a nice meal for themselves. Crows are funny, they aren’t overly intimidated by traffic. If their provided “hot” meal is at the edge of the road, or at a place where the cars aren’t overly close, they’ll continue their meal without bother. I’ve sat and watched a murder of c...

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