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Spiritual Readings

Seeking counsel from a non-biased person with a strong connection to Spirit can be useful in determining what path leads to your highest good. Readings offer guidance to help you understand the dynamics of, and to help you recognize significant patterns in, your life. Readings can be geared towards a specific question, be thematic, or can be general. I can perform readings with Tarot or without, and can be either in person or remote (Skype is my preferred method, if remote).

Intuitive Medium

There are many different ways Mediumship can be useful in one's journey. My primary function as a Medium is to bridge the etherial and physical realms and bring messages from loved ones and Guides to facilitate healing and/or growth. Time and again I have seen the release guilt and grief, resulting in healing allowing the individual to begin the process of moving on and finally LIVE.

Energy Healing

Our bodies are made up of energy meridians. Often emotional and physical problems impede the flow of energy within our bodies. I am formally trained in Usui Reiki and incorporate chakra balancing and elements of nature, sound, or whatever Spirit tells me to in order to bring balance back to my client's’ energy field. Energy healing is effective at removing energetic blocks, which in turn helps align the soul to its higher purpose. Aside from the benefit of relaxation, stress reduction, and rejuvenation, energetic work can also be complementary to medical or psychological care. Please note: energy work is not a substitute for either medical or psychological care. Sessions are generally around an hour long and my preference is to work in person, although I am qualified to, and will do, remote work.


Negative energy can sometimes cling to a house, building, or a land area. Generally this causes a feeling of unease, dread, or depression (noticeable when one is not depressive, in general). Often pets will display behavioral changes or show aggression which is out of character for them. I am able to work with the energy and help create a clear, free flowing environment, which releases that heavy feeling of negativity.

Rates are $75/hour (or broken into parts thereof) and can be paid via cash, check, or PayPal.

Additional Cleansing fees may apply, dependent upon distance required to travel.

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